Happy New Year!

There's no better time to re-launch a blog than the New Year. We are incredibly excited for the year ahead and we are looking forward to sharing regular news updates on things we love, Scottish trends in our different product areas, introducing you to our team and telling you more about us!

Luss General Store was launched in 2014 in response to a growing trend of visitors, both domestic and international, interested in high-end, quality products with provenance from local Scottish producers.

Often, as the first or last stop on a journey around the Highlands, we hear how jaded tourists have become with the vast quantity of tat repeated over and over again. Our aim was to break the mold and offer products distinct in the market, popular with all visitors, whether near or far.

In 4 years we have unashamedly drilled down on the absolute best products we feel are out there; we travel to remote corners of the country sourcing new materials for our own label produce; we meet with local suppliers (within 20 miles) willing to let us be their mouth-piece. We promote those cottage industries working the hardest to bring the very best-in-class practices to their craft; not always the cheapest items, but always with our seal of approval.

So what do you have to look forward to in 2019 from us?

1. We will be shouting about products we love; each member of our team will be writing a guest blog on their favourite product - you'll get to meet them and ask them questions too!

2. We will be updating our 'Meet the Supplier' events for 2019. A huge success last year, we will be bringing in regular suppliers to our store in order to explain more and in some cases demonstrate how the products are made. Look out for food, drink, beauty and bag designers this year, being announced shortly.

3. We will keep you posted on deals, discounts and special offers. Just make sure to register for regular updates so you can hear from us more often!

4. Our in-house trend-setter will be writing about trends and fashions for 2019, including our soon to be launched range of Macleod tartan/tweed bags, purses and wallets. We can't wait!

5. Look out for regular features on our history and that of the Clan Colquhoun; we are closely linked with the Clan and are delighted to be their main representative in a retail setting. Many of our products utilise or invoke the spirit of the Clan Colquhoun, their coat of arms and their heraldry, including the mighty Stag!

Watch out for regular updates here, otherwise we wish you a FabuLUSS year ahead!

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