Gifts for Gardeners: Guerilla Gardening!


Put a spring in your step and leap into the garden with these brilliant Seedboms from Kabloom. 

Designed in Scotland by Darren Wilson; during his studies in 3D Design and Craft at university he decided to focus his attention on eco-friendly design. Finding that this specific area of design had precious few good products on the market at the time he took it upon himself to design something new. Not only did these products have to be designed with the environment in mind they also had to be innovative, fun and desirable. It was Darren’s belief (and still is) that: "Good design, good ideas and narratives should come first, the eco-friendly part should exist anyway."

Darren decided to look into modern (urban) culture's apparent disassociation with nature. His aim was to design a product that got people outside to introduce nature back into cities without creating waste which would end up in landfills. He decided to design something that would destroy itself, and have a second life, to be reborn through plant life!

The range includes Seedboms specifically designed to benefit butterflies, birds, bees and to re-introduce native wildflowers to a garden or green space near you! 

Seedboms are assembled in the UK with "shell casings" made in the Netherlands and all other materials sourced in the UK. They have a starch based biodegradable and compostable shell, organic peat-free compost, native wildflower / herb seeds and come in FSC certified 100% recycled and recyclable glue-free paperboard packaging. Good for the environment and good for your garden. 


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