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Loch Lomond Whisky (21 Years) That Boutique-y Whisky Company 50cl 48.4%


Loch Lomond is an adaptable distillery in the Highlands, producing a wide variety of whisky styles, from blends to blended malts, from single malts to single grains. Their selection of stills allows this - they have copper pots stills, a Coffey still and column stills in the same building!

Nose: Sweet and fruity! Icing sugar, lemon zest, sherbet lemons with hints of nail varnish remover. Softens with mown hay and cereal notes, sweet grains, buttered sweetcorn with a dusting of black pepper.

Palate: The sweet grains come across immediately with the buttered sweetcorn coming across initially. Hints of tinned pineapple, but spices balance the sweetness nicely.

Finish: Mouthwateringly short and sweet, leaving you wanting another sip quickly. Dangerous!

Style: Single Grain Whisky

Latest Batch: 4

Released August 2018

Latest Batch Age: 21 Years Old

Latest Batch Size: 502

Latest Batch ABV: 48.4%

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