Scribe and Grow

Watercolour Flowers - Paper Seed Card


"Handmade, packed full of bee friendly flower seeds and made from 100% Pre-consumer recycled cotton"

Scribe and Grow seed paper cards are made using seed paper with bees in mind and each sheet includes Sweet Alyssum, Poppy, Baby’s Breath & Basil. These are non-invasive species that are commonly found in garden shops and can be grown in pots and left outside for bees and other pollinators.


To make sure your seed paper has the best chance of turning into beautiful flowers

  • Tear paper up into small pieces (For best results, soak paper in water or run under a tap)
  • Place pieces in a pot of soil and lightly sprinkle more soil on top
  • Keep the soil and paper moist (but not constantly wet) in a warm and light environment
  • Once your small plants have grown, place pot outside or keep on a window that has lots of sun

Ideally plant February - July

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