The Inventor's Gin Co Ltd

The Inventor's Gin


The Inventor's Gin Co. Ltd. consists entirely of a husband & wife team.  They are inspired by Scottish contributions to the Industrial Revolution & the breathtaking, rugged and ancient landscape which has resulted in a beautifully crafted traditional juniper based gin.  Additions of Ayrshire nettle and heather, root the spirit to the landscape, while the smoked pink pepper & red chilli stokes the fire of your soul.

Each batch of gin has unique characteristics through the hand crafting process & these subtleties are celebrated by numbering each bottle from each batch to give you not only a uniquely flavoured drink but also a collector's item.

Experimentation is encouraged with mixers & garnishes, a favourite so far is sliced strawberry and a premium tonic water (add a sprinkle of ground black pepper for an extra kick). Ginger ale or ginger beer also pairs very well with the gin.

ABV: 40%


Available to ship within the UK ONLY

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