Ocoee House

Ocoee House Natural Soy Candle


Ocoee House candles are hand poured in Loch Lomond and are naturally organic & vegan. They are made with 100% natural soy wax, each scented with sustainably sourced fragrance oils. The accompanying bamboo topper should lock in the scent in between burns and will keep the candle from drying out. Even with infrequent burns, they should last many months.

As with all candles, please remember to trim your wicks to 4-6mm prior to every burn.


Black Currants - notes of black raspberry, fig and cassis. 

Wild Forest - notes of fig leaves, bergamot and cedarwood. 

Summer Holiday - notes of coconut, peach and mango. 

Clean Citrus - notes of pink grapefruit, thyme and lemon. 

Winter Alpine - notes of pine, cedarwood and sandalwood

Sweet Rhubarb - notes of rich, sweet rhubarb and vanilla

Fresh Linen - notes of mandarin, apple, freesia, vanilla.

Island Living - notes of tropical coconut, bergamot, hints of amber, vanilla and shea butter. 

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