Tiree Tea

Machair Herbal Infusion by Tiree Tea


Machair Herbal Infusion is inspired by the fertile flowery ground in the Scottish islands, called machair.

Machair in Tiree supports the Great Yellow Bumblebee – one of the rarest in Britain. It loves the fertile ground, which stretches down to the shore, carpeted in sweet wildflowers throughout the Summer.

Like the machair and the flowers the bees enjoy, Machair Herbal Infusion is sweet and fragrant with subtle citrus notes.

Hints of: pretty petals and mis-pronunciation

Net weight 30g (20 teabags) | 15g (10 teabags)

Ingredients Green Rooibos (30%), Lemon Verbena (25%), Nettle (25%), Lemon Thyme (8%), Mallow Flowers (4%), Red Cornflowers (4%), Sunflower Petals (4%).

Brew for 3 mins in 100 degree water

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