Wee Tea Company Ltd

Earl Grey Tea


One of the unique features of The Wee Tea Company is their use of premium, hand-selected tea leaves. These leaves are sourced from some of the finest tea estates around the world, ensuring that the tea they produce is of the highest quality. They take pride in using traditional methods to blend their teas, ensuring that each cup is full of flavour and character. 

Earl Grey: This household favourite is silk in a cup! With Earl Grey tea you enjoy beautiful Chinese Black Tea leaves, with just the right amount of Bergamot flavour, which in this tea, has been balanced out further with the sweet Blue Mallow.

Tea Type: Black Tea

Ingredients: Black Tea, Dried Mallow, Bergamot Oil

Contains Caffeine

Brewing Time - 3 minutes

Tea Origin - Multi Origin

Hand Blended in Scotland

Box contains 15 luxury teabags; 35g net weight

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