Cairn O'Mohr Country Wines

Cairn O'Mohr Bramble Wine


A very unique Scottish winery is set in amongst the rich fields and the hedge fringed country roads of the Carse of Gowrie, Perthshire.  Since 1987 Cairn O' Mohr (pronounced Care No More) has been brewing up award winning country wines, using the berries, fruits & leaves for which the area is famous.  Owners Ron and Judith Gillies believe in sourcing locally, and living in an area flush with wild ingredients and some of the best fruit in the world, it’s all there for the picking. 

This wine has a dark-deep, tingly tang with a warm character and a dry exit strategy. It is made from big juicy bramble berries, a mix of Karaka Black and Loch Ness varieties, all mashed up and fermented out to dryness.

Serve Coolish

Vegan Friendly

Size: 75cl

13.3% VOL

 Available to ship within the UK ONLY

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