Book of Beasties - Pocket Edition

Claiming to be the oldest Scottish bestiary of its kind, The Book of Beasties recounts a lifetime’s fascination with Scottish myth and legend.  Reputed to be written by the Great Clan Chief in 1710, delight in this magnificent and rare sketchbook illustrated with the finest of drawings. From unicorns, selkies, kelpies and trolls, discover the many different creatures that roam this ancient land. With mention of historical anecdotes and prized antiquities, delve into Scotland’s Celtic past to discover a hidden kingdom of otherworldly creatures. Hailed as one of the most important Scottish artistic discoveries in recent years, The Book of Beasties has survived to tell its story. Few copies of this precious volume remain. For all those who believe - a beautiful gift book to treasure.  Open with care and discover the magic.

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